Lessons I have learned about Prayer

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  1. Prayer at its basic is conversation and relationship with our Heavenly Father. Just as God asks questions of His servants, so we can ask questions of God. We have rights of access into the very presence of God.
  2. Through prayer not only do I come into the Presence of God, but as a consequence I can be the means whereby the Presence of God is brought into the lives of others and the situations that are part of everyday life. I want to be a carrier of His Presence. I can be an extension of God’s Being.
  3. Prayer at its deepest level is not primarily a human activity towards God. It is a divine activity in which God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit invite us to join (see Romans 8.26, 34 and Luke 11.1-4). Intercession is a development of prayer.
  4. Prayer is more about listening to God and finding out what is on His heart, and how He sees things, than it is about what I want, what I need and what I see. However, God still invites us to ask Him for things (as reflected in the Lord’s Prayer).
  5. Prayer is easier and more powerful when engaged in with others. There is a power released through agreement in prayer, for Jesus is in the midst (Matthew 18.19-20, Psalm 133).
  6. Through prayer, changes occur. The impossible becomes possible. The power of God is invoked into seemingly impossible earthly situations.
  7. Prayer is a clash between the natural world and the spiritual world. In our humanity our unredeemed natural instincts are at war with our developing spiritual instincts. The old adage “Satan trembles when he sees the weakest saint upon his knees” still is true. That’s why Satan does all he can to stop us from praying. The spiritual world is not part of the natural world, but the natural world is part of the spiritual world.
  8. It is possible to be engaged in prayer without ceasing. So, no time of day or night need I be separate from God. It is therefore possible for the Spirit of God within me to be in prayer even whilst I am working or sleeping. That’s why people are woken by God at night to pray or find themselves in prayer, sometimes in deep intercession.
  9. God’s feelings are sometimes communicated to us/me – particularly through tears, deep sobbing and groans. In those moments, when I am not emotionally connected to the situation requiring prayer, God is demonstrating that He is. God’s heart is being expressed through us/me.
  10. Wherever I am, whatever I am doing I can pray! In this era of multi-tasking, prayer needs to be my default response to critical situations or immediate needs.

Brian Mills – May, 2014